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Couch Cat Under Blanket

Our Purr-sonalities

Some have cattitude, some are cathletes, but all of them are purr-fect!

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PInky and the brain


Pinky Adopt Me.jpg

Pinky was rescued from SAFTI with her brother, The Brain.

She is a Good Girl.

Born on 6 April 2021, Pinky may love to run wild, but she is also known to occasionally nibble on human fingers and engage in brief snuggle sessions.

She says, “They named my brother ‘The Brain’ even though I’m clearly the smarter one..”

We say, “There’s actually not much difference.”

the brain


The Brain was rescued from SAFTI with his sister, Pinky.

He is a Good Boy.

Born on 6 April 2021, The Brain is a purry angel who makes the best of each moment. He sometimes has trouble choosing between cuddles and playtime.

He says, “Hello! I'm an adventurous Brain!!”

We say, “There might actually be more brawn than brain in this Brain.”

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