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Kitten Sanctuary Singapore (or KiSS), is a culmination of rescue work that started in 2005 on Purvis Street. As more new restaurants moved in, many cats were driven out or killed by delivery trucks in the back lanes. An impromptu group call the Purr-vis Rescue Unit made up mainly of office workers was formed to save some of the remaining cats.

In 2014, The Cat Museum was formed with the belief that everyone can love an animal if they get to know them and have good first hand experiences. It saw visitors from all over the world come to learn about our Lion City Kitties. Rescuing, rehabilitating and finding homes for over 400 strays, the Museum closed due to a lease issue in mid 2018. The past year has seen an increase in not only the frequency but also the brutality of abandonment & abuse cases & strays are not safe on Singapore streets.


However, with many fraudulent donation appeal cases on social media, there was an urgency to set up a registered non profit animal welfare group (AWG) to instill public trust while we continue our work, thus Kitten Sanctuary was born. KiSS is an AWG set up by a group of adopters, volunteers and the founder of The Cat Museum to continue the work on education, rescue & adoption of cats & kittens and to fill the gaps in the current landscape of animal welfare, including the first and only neonatal Kitten Nursery & Kitten Kindergarten, and coaching on rescue, rehabilitation and preparing to live with a cat.

The aim is also to work closely with corporate CSR programmes to “Change Your Life, Save a Life” and spread the message that everyone can be a change instigator. By empowering more who want to help but may not know how, we will grow the pool and better the lives of both people and cats.

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