Couch Cat Under Blanket

Our Purr-sonalities

Some have cattitude, some are cathletes, but all of them are purr-fect!

Click on each kitty to find out more!

Visit the adoption page HERE to find out more about the adoption procedure.


Adopt mama milan.jpeg
Mama Honey.png
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Adopt teddy.jfif
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Adopt gingy.jfif
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Adopt Rocky.jpeg
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Adopt dumdum.png

The Bears

Adopt panda.jpeg
Adopt polar.jpeg

Local favourites

Mama Kaya.png
Adopt popiah.jpeg
Adopt rojak.jpeg

the fruities

Adopt rambutan.jpeg
Adopt lychee.jpeg

the Japanese

Adopt chawanmushi.jpeg
Adopt gyoza.jfif

Team ROcket

adopt mama emily.png
adopt jessie.png
adopt james.png
adopt meowth.png

Thor love and thunder

Adopt thor.png
adopt love.png
adopt thunder.png