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Couch Cat Under Blanket

Our Purr-sonalities

Some have cattitude, some are cathletes, but all of them are purr-fect!

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the jellybeans


Tutti Frutti.jpg

Tutti Fruitti was rescued from Sennett Place with his mama (Jelly Bean) and 2 brothers (Juicy Pear and Toasted Marshmallow).


He is a Good Boy.

Born on 26 March 2021, Tutti Fruitti is wild and unpredictable. He enjoys freedom and is not a fan of being restrained.


As a gourmet (self-proclaimed), he is extremely partial to delicacies and nothing will stop him from guzzling down a piece of freeze dried salmon. Tutti Fruitti also has a slight complex about his giant nose.

He says, “Leave the food and go.

We say, "You have a funky face."

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